• Holiday Tins
    It's Beginning
    to Look a Lot
    Like Popcorn!
    There's room for everyone
    on your Nice List!
  • Holiday fundraising at 2014 prices
    It's a Perfect Time
    for Fundraising
    The holidays are an ideal time to get a fundraising project underway. Get your order in now and take advantage of 2014 pricing.
  • New Premium Fundraiser Singles Packets
    Can a snack that makes
    you this happy be
    good for you, too?
    Visit our Nutrition News section and read up on the health benefits of eating popcorn.
  • New Premium Fundraiser Singles Packets
    Fundraiser Flavors
    Our deliriously delicious Deanan® Delight and Cashew Coconut flavors are now available as fundraisers!
  • Popcorn for Weddings & Parties
    Eat, Drink and Be Married.
    Party Like a Pop Star.
    Whether it's a summer party or a wedding party, decorate your serving table with your favorite serving dishes and everyone's favorite gourmet popcorn is an idea worth celebrating.
Deanan Singles
Deanan Singles
Same great popcorn, now available in single serving size. The perfect package for serving at home or for kids on the go.
Deanan Carmel Corn
Sweet and Savory Flavors
A wide range of flavors are available to suit any taste. From traditional buttery flavor to something with a Southwest kick.
Deanan Gift Bags
Gifts for Any Occasion
Whether you're looking for a tasteful gift, a reward for a job well done, or just to show someone you care, we've got you covered.