• Full-Size Fundraiser Packets
    Deanan Full-Size Packets
  • Deanan Pecan Almond Crunch SnacPAC
    In Honor of the
    Election Season,
    Deanan Launches
    the SnackPAC*
    *Pecan Almond Crunch, that is. Vote now!
  • New Premium Fundraiser Singles Packets
    Can a snack that makes
    you this happy be
    good for you, too?
    Visit our Nutrition News section and read up on the health benefits of eating popcorn.
  • New Premium Fundraiser Singles Packets
    Fundraiser Flavors
    Our deliriously delicious Deanan® Delight and Cashew Coconut flavors are now available as fundraisers!
  • Popcorn for Weddings & Parties
    Eat, Drink and Be Married.
    Party Like a Pop Star.
    Whether it's a summer party or a wedding party, decorate your serving table with your favorite serving dishes and everyone's favorite gourmet popcorn is an idea worth celebrating.
Sweet Singles
Sweet Singles Fundraisers
Single-serving versions of our sweet flavors. These are designed to comply with nutritional guidelines and still offer a great-tasting snack.
Kettle Corn
A wide range of flavors are available to suit any taste. From traditional buttery flavor to something with a Southwest kick.
Deanan Fundraiser Profit Calculator
See How to Make a 58% Profit
Figure out just how much to order and at what price you want to sell to reach your fundraising goal. We'll help you with the "what ifs".