• Deanan Pecan Almond Crunch SnacPAC
    In Honor of the
    Election Season,
    Deanan Launches
    the SnackPAC*
    *Pecan Almond Crunch, that is. Vote now!
  • The Way to Your Father's Heart
    What Do Father's Day, Memorial
    Day, and Graduation
    Have in Common?
    They're all perfect occasions for our Salsa 'n' Cheddar popcorn! Pick out your favorite canister design and start celebrating!
  • Beach Time
    Life's a Beach
    Pass the Popcorn
    Nobody ever said you had to wait 30 minutes after eating popcorn before going into the water. But then again, with popcorn that tastes this good, who's in a hurry to run off into the surf?
  • New Premium Fundraiser Singles Packets
    Can a snack that makes
    you this happy be
    good for you, too?
    Visit our Nutrition News section and read up on the health benefits of eating popcorn.
  • New Premium Fundraiser Singles Packets
    Fundraiser Flavors
    Our deliriously delicious Deanan® Delight and Cashew Coconut flavors are now available as fundraisers!
  • Popcorn for Weddings & Parties
    Eat, Drink and Be Married.
    Party Like a Pop Star.
    Whether it's a summer party or a wedding party, decorate your serving table with your favorite serving dishes and everyone's favorite gourmet popcorn is an idea worth celebrating.
Premium Fundraiser Packets
Premium Fundraiser Packets
Want to take your fundraiser to a whole new level? Try our Premium Deanan® Delight and Cashew-Coconut flavors in single-serving sizes.
White Cheddar Corn
A wide range of flavors are available to suit any taste. From traditional buttery flavor to something with a Southwest kick.
Deanan Fundraiser Profit Calculator
See How to Make a 58% Profit
Figure out just how much to order and at what price you want to sell to reach your fundraising goal. We'll help you with the "what ifs".