How it Works:

Direct Sales Fundraising is simple! Order either Full-size Packets, our 1.5-ounce Sweet Singles, or our 4-oz Premium Flavor Packets by the case at a low price, then sell those packets to your customers and keep all the profit.

Pre-Order Variety Bag Fundraising enables school districts to conduct pre-order sales. Buyers order from an attractive color brochure, then the fundraiser totals up the individual orders and places a single order with Deanan. Just like Direct Sales, you set the price for the buyer and keep the profit.

How Much You Make:

This is totally under your control! We provide three different sizes of fundraiser products, so you have even more leeway in what you want your sales price to be.

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Fundraising Calculator:

Need a little help getting started? Figure out exactly how to make your goals using our Deanan Fundraising Calculator.
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Tax Exempt Certificate

(Texas Fundraisers Only)
If we already have your Tax Exempt Certificate on file, you're ready to fill up your shopping bag. If not, you can download here.
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Direct Sale Pre-Order Forms

Want to take orders and then order the exact flavors that your customers specified? We'll send you the Direct Sale Pre-Order Forms you need.
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Variety Bag Order Forms

Variety Bags are easy to pre-sell. Order our free Variety Bag Pre-Order Forms and we'll equip your sales team with everything they need for a successful fundraiser!
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Sweet Singles Fundraiser Packets
Premium Flavor Fundraiser Packets
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