Carmel Corn
A rich and buttery classic that everyone seems to love. You know, you could be munching on some of it now....

Vanilla Corn
Made with real vanilla, sweet and colorful. Many seasonal choices available!
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White Cheddar Corn
This tangy flavor is the perennial favorite among our cheese flavors.

Salsa 'n' Cheddar
Excellent cheddar flavor with the taste - and a touch of heat - of salsa and jalapeño.

Yellow Cheese Corn
Our original cheddar flavor, mild with lots of that satisfying cheesy taste. Hey, call us sentimental, but this is great stuff!

Butter Corn
The classic taste of butter popcorn, done the Deanan way. Movie theaters only wish theirs was this good!

Dark Chocolate Corn
There's no such thing as "too much chocolate". Dark Chocolate meets Deanan!

Kettle Corn
The slightly toasty, slighly sweet flavor reminiscent of a County Fair is now available without having to buy a ticket to the Fair!

Deanan Delight™
An indescribably tasty mixture of our Carmel Corn, toasted almonds and pecans.

A delightful mixture of Carmel Corn, golden cashews, and rich coconut.