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Family Recipes

All the flavors we sell are our own recipes, developed in our labs and extensively tested. But that's not the entire story. Truly great recipes start with truly great ingredients.

Mushrooms, Not Butterflies

From the beginning, one of the reasons for the popularity of the popcorn was due to the Alexanders' dedication to purchase only the finest ingredients available. The regular popcorn used by most other companies and sold in stores is called "butterfly" due to the small "wings" that break off during the confection process.

We believe butterflies belong in the garden. We use a special "mushroom" popcorn, named because of the large round kernel it produces when popped. It's so good, after numerous customer requests, we made it available in its unpopped form, but most folks still like us to pop it and flavor it for them.

Timing is Everything

In the spring, we purchase tons of mushroom popcorn, then ship it by truckloads to be stored in a cold storage facility until needed. This cold storage preserves the moisture in our popcorn so it can pop into the large "mushroom" kernel. Every day.

The determination to use only the finest ingredients reflect our passion for quality products and extraordinary customer service.

Look Ma - No Wings!